Why Add a Steel Bumper to Your Truck

Entertaining the idea of swapping out your factory bumper for a steel one? You've gone to the opportune place. Bumpers don't usually offer the assurance your truck requirements for going romping or heavy-obligation utilize. Also, it can be hard to install a winch or a LED light on a factory bumper. The arrangement? Upgrade that factory bumper with a heavy-obligation aftermarket steel bumper. Vengeance Front Bumper

Fi50 bumper 

A F-150 donning one of our grille guards 

Obviously, such as everything, there are upsides and downsides that accompany adding a steel bumper to your truck. This is what you have to know. 

Steel Bumper Pros 


Steel bumpers can take heavy impacts much superior to anything factory bumpers can. Chancing upon a fence post, pushing another vehicle, or notwithstanding striking an animal on the highway will have no measurable impact on your bumper. At TDK, our bumpers are made with heavy gauge steel that is damned hard to cut or curve. Premium Front Bumper

And, in the event that you by one means or another manage to hit your steel bumper sufficiently hard to cause an imprint, it won't affect its quality. Steel can twist without breaking, and more often than not a twist isn't a major issue. 


Steel bumpers accompany pre-sliced openings to allow for additional accessories like winches and lights. This is a major change compared to factory bumpers, with usually don't offer easy mounting choices for accessories. 

Also, at TDK, we offer bumpers that are compatible with factory parking sensors. 


Bumper styles 

We offer a variety of steel bumper styles for Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, and Toyota trucks 

In addition to being tougher and easier to mount accessories to, steel bumpers are also an upgrade from the stock bumper in the appearance and style department. They give trucks a more tough look, with most bumpers available in a powder-coated wrap up. 

NOTE: At TDK, we offer both powder coated and paintable complete bumpers that are shrinkwrapped and dispatched with a ready-to-paint surface. In case you're replacing a damaged factory bumper, a paintable steel bumper from TDK is a pleasant upgrade. Black Steel Front Bumper

Steel Bumper Cons 


Steel bumpers measure more than aluminum and plastic bumpers, and may change the handling of your truck. In case you're utilizing your truck for going dirt road romping, this can help you as it increases your truck's focal point of gravity. In any case, you may need to upgrade your truck's springs and/or stuns to accommodate the heaviness of the steel bumper. 

Fortunately steel bumpers have made some amazing progress over the past century. They used to be significantly thicker and heavier, however despite everything they were not as solid as their cutting edge counterparts. New innovation has helped us make sense of how to deliver steel that's both lighter and more grounded. Elite Accesories